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The ChemLite™ Metals Analyser

Measure More Metals Faster

Positive Material Identification ensures that the materials used in your operation are what they need to be. Until today, inaccurate and time-consuming chemical ID methods, especially of light alloys, only made the job more difficult. Now, with the new ChemLite™ Laser Metals Analyser, trust your operation to a better tool specifically designed to analyze aluminium, magnesium and titanium with detection limits as low as 0.01%.

Expansive and Customisable

Factory-loaded with an extensive library for Ai, Mg, and Ti, the ChemLite analyser is ready out of the box to measure hundreds of alloys. Do you produce or receive speciality alloys? Customise your ChemLite analyser with new alloy definitions specific to your business.

Eye Safe Laser: No X-Rays, No Hassles, No Regulatory Burdens

The ChemLite™ Metals Analyser features a Class 1M eye-safe laser, so you can avoid x-ray's radiation safety concerns and eliminate the need for laser safety programs.

Superior Analysis of Light Metals

Get precise chemistry breakdowns on light base metals, including accurate analysis of light elements like Al, Mg, and Si. Quickly and accurately analyse light elements - like Al in Ti base — to deliver product that meets specifications and enhances your quality reputation.

  • Base Metals
    • Aluminium (Al)
    • Magnesium (Mg)
    • Titanium (Ti)
  • Alloying Elements
    • Aluminium (Al)
    • Bismuth (Bi)
    • Chromium (Cr)
    • Cobalt (Co)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Lead (Pb)
    • Lithium (Li)
    • Magnesium (Mg)
    • Manganese (Mn)
    • Molybdenum (Mo)
    • Nickel (Ni)
    • Niobium (Nb)
    • Silicon (Si)
    • Tantalum (Ta)
    • Tin (Sn)
    • Titanium (Ti)
    • Tungsten (W)
    • Vanadium (V)
    • Zinc (Zn)
    • Zirconium (Zr)


  • Preloaded with an expansive library of metal alloys; userconfigurable library
  • Superior limits of detection: ~0.01%
  • Highly precise measurements: typically ± 5% or better
  • Three modes of operation: Assay (quantification of elements), PMI (material classification) and Screening (pass/fail of alloy and element screening)
  • 3-second analysis time
  • USB data storage/transfer
  • "Certificates of Verification" reports
  • 5°C to 35°C operational temperature
  • Battery life for hundreds of measurements
  • 2 rechargeable, removable lithium-ion batteries included
  • AC power charger included
  • Hard-side carrying case included
  • Alloy Manager Software for custom alloy definitions
  • Millijoule-level energy laser
  • 1-year limited warranty

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I would like to sign up to the Niton UK mailing list. You will receive the latest news and offers from Niton UK.

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