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Niton UK May Newsletter

Added 08-06-2018
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Welcome to the Niton UK newsletter,

Instrument News

The smaller, lighter Niton XL5 materials analyser reaches places other instruments cannot reach. Engineers can now use X-Ray fluorescence to test pipework in tight spots at the top of a stack and right inside an elbow.
Geologists can identify ores in the field using the new more accurate mining calibration. Waste reprocessors can sort high value materials from every load in seconds. The XL5 tests not only which elements are in bulk materials but, as an additional feature, can also test elements in protective or decorative coating layers right down to micrograms of elements in micron thick layers. The latest model XL5 now has full local service & support.

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After 25th May the new EU data protection regulations (GDPR) become effective. We are keen to continue sharing our news, offers and instrument updates with you.
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We entered the National Recycling Awards 2018 and were pleased to make it to the finals in the Efficiency category. We were able to tell them how much Niton instruments have helped customers such as Tata Steels, ELG Haniels and Bolt and Nut innovate and work more efficiently by saving money, time and materials.


We will be exhibiting at the British Crystallographic Association meeting at the University of Sheffield in June, at the Metals Recycling Event (MRE-CARS) in July and at RWM in Birmingham in September. If you are at any of these events, please come and see us on the stand. More details here

Niels Bohr

We end with a quote from the man who inspired both the Niton UK logo and the physics behind X-Ray fluorescence, Niels Bohr:
"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."
Niton UK
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