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PR - Alloy analyser boosts productivity for process control supplier

Added 14-12-2007
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For the process industries, such as petrochemicals, it is essential that components in contact with the product are made of the right material.

Checking the composition of alloys is therefore a vital requirement for Process Control Equipment, the Stockton-on-Tees supplier of products such as valves and actuators to the oil and gas, chemicals and power related industries.

Their task of ensuring components are of the material specified has been made much easier thanks to the purchase of a hand-held XLt™ Alloy Analyser from Niton UK.

“We recently had to check an order of 300 to 400 valves, with two pressure retaining parts per valve,” said Process Control Equipment’s managing director, Barry Jackson. “We wouldn’t have wanted to do that with anything slower than the Niton.”

Previously for such tasks, the company used an external non-destructive testing house, but this meant they were at the mercy of someone else’s timetable.

“Now we can test a valve within a matter of minutes, from getting it through the door, taking it out of the box, taking the reading and if necessary printing out and attaching an analysis report,” continued Jackson, who has 40 years’ experience in the field.

As well as the XLt’s speed of use, the ability to download the information to a computer and print out a test report is an important advantage to the company, since it provides a valuable assurance of authenticity to customers.

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