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PR - The New Gold-Plated Test

Added 08-01-2013
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For buyers and sorters of potentially gold plated scrap metal items such as jewellery, tableware, ornaments and trinkets, a gold plating test is essential. The presence of plating can adversely affect the value of an item and hence profitability. The new AuDIT™ gold plating test meets this challenge accurately and easily, helping to save time and costs.

Thermo Scientific Au Detection and Identification technology (AuDIT™) is a proprietary gold plating test and detection system that has been specifically developed for, and is only available on, Niton XRF precious metal analysers including the new DXL GoldPro counter-top analyser.

Several independent complementary methods in the software work in tandem to alert the user to the probability that an item is plated. The patent-pending AuDIT™ technology is used as the primary gold plate test, which will work regardless of the gold concentration of the plated surface layer. If this test is not sufficient, ‘gold plate probable’ is displayed and highlighted on the analyser’s screen and it is still relatively certain that the items are gold plated.

Other tests are conducted simultaneously to warn users that something is ‘off’ in the analysis of the sample. These secondary tests will warn users only if the primary test passes, that further investigation is required. These tests include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • High nickel (Ni) content, which can indicate presence of a Ni boundary layer between the substate and plated surface.

  • Low karat values or non-standard karat values (readings significantly different than 9, 10,14,18, 22 and 24 karat gold)
    In this way the user of a Niton XRF analyser are warned and can make further investigations.

  • Michael Sibbald, Sales and Marketing Director at Niton UK, said:“The development of AuDIT™ technology has provided a simple yet reliable test for the presence of gold plate, helping customers avoid costly and time wasting errors in gold identification. The AuDIT™ technology, which is unique to Thermo Scientific Niton analysers, is now included as standard on Niton portable XRF precious metals analysers, including our handheld XL2 and XL2 100, plus our recently launched DXL GoldPro for use on countertops.”

    For a further information on the Thermo Scientific Niton AuDIT™ test for gold plating and to arrange a demonstration, contact Niton UK on 01256 397860,or visit

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