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The Niton XL3

The Niton XL3 handheld x-ray fluorescence analyser combines purpose-built, proprietary electronics with an ergonomic design and easy-to-use software, transforming XRF analysis. It does this through reduced measurement times, increased precision, and lower detection limits than could not previously be achieved with portable x-ray fluorescence instruments. From the integrated, tilting, colour, touch-screen display to the customizable menus for ease of use, the lightweight Niton XL3 provides you with heavyweight performance and a set of features engineered to improve your productivity and profitability.

With the Niton XL3 analyser you get the following standard accessories: integrated Bluetooth™ and USB communications for direct data transfer to your PC; a locking carrying case; a shielded belt holster; two eight-hour, rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs; a battery charger; reference samples/standards; and the Niton Data Transfer (NDT©) software suite.

A number of different Niton XL3 models are available depending upon your application.

The Niton XL3 has the following as standard:

  • Rugged pelican storage case
  • 2 Batteries (Up to 7 hour battery life)
  • Battery charging dock with charger
  • Holster
  • Multi Filter Instrument for enhanced analytical range
  • Camera to take picture of sample area
  • NDT (Niton Data Transfer) Software
  • Certified Reference Standard
  • Certificate of Calibration

Taking advantage of the standard Niton Data Transfer (NDT©) PC software suite to customise the Niton XL3, you can set user permissions, generate custom reports, print certificates of analysis personalised with your own company logo, or remotely monitor and operate the instrument hands-free from your PC. Integrated USB and Bluetooth communications provide direct data transfer to your PC or networked storage device, eliminating the cumbersome data synchronisation procedures required by PDA-based XRF analysers.

The Niton XL3 500

The Niton XL3 500 provides the ideal choice for mining applications, providing unprecedented performance in the palm of your hand. It is a handheld x-ray fluorescence analyser especially designed for measuring elemental concentrations in ores, soils, sediments and cores, coatings and filter media. The Niton XL3 500 provides accurate elemental concentrations with minimum set-up required. It provides high resolution and high performance without the need for liquid nitrogen.

When undertaking mine mapping and exploration, the onsite measurement of drill cores and cuttings which is made possible with the Niton XL3 500 provides real-time feedback to site managers, without the delays associated with traditional laboratory testing. The instrument can also provide handheld ore-grade assessment, helping to manage blasting, excavation, and hauling activities, optimising the site blend provided to the concentrator, and preventing grade dilution or the erroneous transport of ore to the waste dump.

The Niton XL3 600

For contaminated land remediation, a Niton XL3 600 Series Soil Analyser can pay for itself on one large project alone. The instrument can be used to guide earth-moving equipment to soil contamination hotspots, creating a reduction in overall soil volumes being moved and proportional cost savings.

The Niton XL3 600 Series Soil Analyser also finds application in the field of archaeometry, and has been successfully employed at high-profile archaeological sites to perform both in-situ soil analysis, taking measurements directly from the area under examination, and ex-situ soil analysis, analysing prepared soil samples via the supplied sample test-stand and soil sample preparation kit.

The Niton XL3 700 for Consumer Goods and RoHS compliance

The Niton XL3 700 Series provides fast, effective and nondestructive testing for compliance with Regulation of Hazardous Substances guidelines. It can also be used by manufacturers, importers, distributors, brand owners and retailers to provide a solution to the problem of screening toys, consumer goods and packaging for toxic metals.

Compliance testing against the demands set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), Proposition 65, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), and other regulations is faster than ever before with this specially calibrated instrument. Screening of incoming materials, stocks and outgoing finished goods can all be accomplished with ease. Detection limits for all banned substances are improved – especially for cadmium – with the instrument’s 50 kV x-ray tube sample excitation system.

The Niton XL3 800 for PMI & Alloy Analysis

The Niton XL3 800 Series provides fast, accurate and detailed analysis in demanding situations where confidence in the results is critical. It is ideally suited to a variety of industrial PMI applications such as the testing of fillet welds and small components. The instrument was specifically designed to accommodate the in-service testing of components at temperatures in excess of 800°F (430°C). It is therefore the ideal choice for the petroleum, oil and chemical industries.

In addition to heavy industry, the Niton XL3 800 also finds application in the scrap and precious metals sectors, where its accuracy and ease of use provide the recycler with the information necessary to make quick, confident decisions on material purchases, and the speed of throughput necessary to quickly sort large volumes of materials and take advantage of sales opportunities.


The Niton XL3 GOLDD+ is the instrument of choice when you require extreme accuracy, precision, and ease of use. It provides faster analysis, higher precision, and the ability to measure light elements without the use of helium or vacuum assistance.

GOLDD technology stands for Geometrically Optimized Large Drift Detector, and it is the cornerstone of the most significant improvement to XRF analysis, yielding up to a 10x performance gain for this award-winning analyser. The technology delivers vast improvements in sensitivity. It is as much as 10-times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors and up to 3-times more precise than conventional silicon drift detectors (SDD).

We have combined the Niton XL3 GOLDD 45kV, 100 µA x-ray tube, closely optimised geometry, and patented signal processing hardware and software. These are coupled with one of the largest drift detectors that is commercially available in a handheld instrument, providing you with superior performance in the form of faster analysis and lower detection limits than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to 3 times more precise than conventional SDD detectors (Silicon Drift Detectors).

The final product is the Niton XL3 GOLDD – a more versatile and technologically advanced handheld analyser, designed without compromise.

The Niton XL3 GOLDD provides you with many distinct advantages:

  • Light element detection (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) without helium or vacuum purging.
  • High count rate for lower detection limits and faster analysis.
  • True lab-quality performance in a handheld instrument.
  • Analyse metal alloys.
  • Carry out mining exploration and mapping.
  • Detect soil contaminants.
  • Screen electronics and consumer goods for prohibited substances.
  • Up to 7 hour battery life

Whether you need an analyser for metal alloy analysis, mining exploration, environmental applications, or electronics and consumer goods screening, the Niton XL3 GOLDD raises the bar – combining the outstanding analytical performance of lab-grade instrumentation with the high-speed performance, ease of use, and cutting-edge technology that you have come to expect from Niton instruments.

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