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The Niton XL5


We are delighted to announce that the XL5 analyser can now be provided with new calibrations including precious metals and coatings analysis. The XL5 brings a new level of speed and accuracy to these applications.

Special pricing is now available with manufacturer support.

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Metal alloy verification is critical to the success of many industrial businesses. Metal fabricators, manufacturers and recyclers must quickly and accurately verify composition and grade, often in difficult working environments. The Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 is a cutting-edge XRF hand-held analyser designed to respond to growing industry requirements - Thereby maximising performance and productivity.

A New Reduced Size and Weight

As the world’s smallest analyser - weighing an industry-leading 2.8 pounds (1.27 kg.), the Niton XL5 analyser makes light work of heavy industrial tasks, even under the most challenging conditions. This reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Eased Navigation

Vivid new icons ease navigation and configuration. Swipe and touch-screen functionality even with a gloved hand.

Rapid Results

The Niton XL5 generates fast and accurate results. Results are displayed in real time, enabling faster decisions.

A New Calibre of Analytical Performance

Wider alloy coverage and lower limits of detection, especially for light elements, allow operators to scan a broader range of incoming or installed materials more quickly.

A Radical Re-design

Compact geometry improves ergonomics and overall handling of the analyser, enabling the operator to get into tight or awkward testing spots, greatly expanding field use. Bluetooth and GPS enhance data management.

Standard Features

  • Integrated CCD camera for locating and storing images
  • Locking shielded carrying case
  • Two lithium-ion battery packs
  • 110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adaptor
  • PC connection cables (USB)
  • NitonConnect PC software
  • Safety lanyard
  • Check samples/standards
  • Tilting, colour, touch-screen display
  • Geometrically Optimized Large Area Drift Detector (GOLDD) Proprietary detector
  • More than 30 common elements for rapid alloy identification Ultra-low light element detection
  • Certificate of Calibration