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Atkinsons Bullion & Coins

Atkinsons Bullion & Coins

Atkinsons Bullion & Coins is a market-leading merchant in jewellery, as well as gold and silver bullion. The family-owned business has over 30 years in the industry and is committed to providing a simple, discreet, and secure coin buying and selling service online, and in their Birmingham-based store.

The family business started out using the ‘acid test’ method to test their precious metals, but as the first handheld XL3t XRF analyser became available, they had to have one in their store. The simplicity of use and the accuracy of the results were the key motivators for the purchase.

In the first week of using the initial XRF analyser, Atkinsons were presented with seven 1-ounce gold bars, all of which turned out to be counterfeit, saving the company thousands of pounds.

“The instrument had just paid half its value in the first week. Technology in a business is always worth the investment, if you care about your bottom line and understand the benefits that this technology can bring. It simplifies and makes more accurate your precious metal analysis, without fuss and with ease of use”.

As their business grew, the single analyser they had wasn’t enough to keep up with the demand and they decided to wait until the latest version of the DXL countertop XRF analyser became available, to invest in a second instrument.

Based on X-ray fluorescence technology, the DXL countertop XRF analyser provides results comparable to the gold-standard fire assay.
Designed specifically for countertop use in retail environments, the Niton DXL XRF precious metal analyser delivers fast, reliable results. Unlike more traditional testing methods, it is completely non-destructive. These analysers provide you with the ideal method to test the purity and chemistry of all precious metals, with unmatched simplicity, performance, features, and portability.

“As a large buyer of precious metals, particularly coins, bars and scrap jewellery, we have to have many of our staff able to serve our clients and each of them, no matter how experienced they may be in the jewellery business, able to analyse the goods on sale and know that what they are buying is real.

The service team at Niton UK were great when we needed to service our original machine and also the sales and training with this new purchase”. Paul Atkinson – Atkinsons the Jewellers

Paul Atkinson – Atkinsons, Bullion & Coins

Key benefits – DXL
• Completely non-destructive testing with instant analysis
• Results shown on colour, touch-screen display
• Identification for 21 elements including all grades of gold and precious metals
• Suitable for jewellery, coins, chains, rings and many more
• Viewing windows both sides for visibility to client and operator
• Push-of the-button simplicity of operation

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