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Case Study – Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd

Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd, established in 1986, are a leading manufacturer of industrial valves based in Woolpit, Suffolk. They specialise in the design and production of a wide range of valves used in various sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, and water treatment. Renowned for their high-quality products, Adanac have incorporated Niton XRF analysers into the business for nearly 10 years, and see the instrument as a key component within their quality control system.

Utilising XRF and their experience, with Stuart Chance – Quality Assurance Manager:                                                                        

  • Quality Control: “We use our Niton analyser to positively identify materials used in the construction of products destined for use in the petro/chemical industry.”
  • Greater efficiency: “Purchasing an analyser from Niton has resulted in us being able to offer our customers shorter lead times and removed the requirement to sub-contract PMI activities.”

Many industries have regulations regarding the materials used in their products. XRF analysers help Adanac Valve Specialists ensure compliance with such regulations by verifying that their valves meet the required material composition standards. This often means keeping your analysers calibration valid. Niton UK offer a variety of different services packages at our in-house service department based in Winchester. After many years of dealing with our Service Department, Stuart goes on to add:

  • “Throughout the experience, from purchase to training and after sales support we have always found Niton UK’s service to be outstanding. Servicing and calibration are both carried out in a timely manner. During routine servicing and calibration, loan units are always available and Niton UK always keeps us up to date with progress.”

(Pictures showing Adanac using their XL2 100G to PMI check Valves. Also using a Desktop Test Stand, for added safety and ease of use)

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