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Consumer Goods

Handheld Niton analysers provide quick and easy screening of toys and other consumer goods for lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic metals. Importers, brand owners and retailers can implement a standardised inspection protocol for incoming shipments to verify compliance, while simultaneously requiring supply chain documentation based on empirical testing.

Each week brings a new report of problems with toy safety and consumer product safety. Ultimately, contract manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and brand owners all face potential liability when they fail to comply with laws which restrict the levels of toxic materials in their products.

Undertaking due diligence with Niton analysers has already become the norm in the metal alloy and electronics markets. These proven tools are now increasingly being used for toy safety testing and consumer product testing, providing manufacturers, importers, distributors, brand owners and retailers with a real solution to the problem of screening toys, consumer goods and packaging for toxic metals.

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