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Niton analysers are versatile environmental testing instruments that provide valuable assistance in portable soil testing applications such as brownfield site investigation. With the ability to analyse a wide range of materials, our instruments provide lab-quality soil/sediment chemistry in seconds.

Lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and other toxic metals contaminate sites of former industrial and agricultural activity around the world. Whatever the reasons for these occurrences, these pollutants cannot be ignored – particularly as environmental consciousness and regulatory initiatives grow.

The first remedial step in treating these hazardous areas is in accurately assessing the scope and extent of the contaminated soil. Niton instruments provide lab-grade soil testing in the field, permitting surgical delineation of contamination boundaries.

Niton instruments are also suitable for a variety of additional environmental analysis applications including in-situ testing of dust wipes and air filters for lead and other contaminants. They thereby help to support companies in complying with a variety of legislation introduced to protect both employees and the general public.

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