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Scrap Metal

End suppliers of scrap metal recycling has become more complex and challenging over the years, as customers have become more demanding and metal markets more volatile. The modern scrap metal merchant recycler must be able to make decisions quickly and adapt to changing market conditions in order to remain profitable.

Niton analysers provides the scrap metal recycler with the information necessary to make quick, confident decisions on material purchases, and the speed of throughput necessary to quickly sort large volumes of materials and take advantage of sales opportunities.

Several of our instruments have been specifically designed with the needs of the scrap metal recycling industry in mind, providing practical and durable solutions for portable metals analysis that are fast, accurate and easy to use.

More Information

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Scrap Metal Recycling | XL2

Swarf Guard (Engine Guard)

Of greatest benefit to the scrap metal industry, the Engine Guard is a protective barrier that protects the “Science Engine” of your Niton analyser.