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The flexibility of the Niton analyser has allowed XRF Limited to expand their service to clients in pharmaceutical manufacturing, precision engineering, coin collecting and art history.

XRF Limited provides specialised material identification services using Niton portable XRF instruments. After 30 years of experience in quality assurance for industry they provide the solution to a key problem. The problem is the lack of reliable, definitive certification on incoming materials. The solution is retrospective non-destructive testing. XRF Limited use Niton instruments to identify alloys such as 316 or 304 stainless steel, other more specialist alloys and precious metals. Their clients range from engineering to numismatics, Chinese bronzes and other artworks & antiquities.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, Gary Holland, Managing Director at XRF Limited, frequently worked on material certification of high grade products. Pharmaceuticals manufacturing is held to high standards of validation and is tightly regulated by the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Manufacturers need to know what metal is being used in each process, original materials certification is often absent or lost.

The Niton XRF instrument is an extremely accurate and efficient way to identify the metal components of any metal object within seconds. It is non-invasive and not destructive.

Gary tells us:

“Offering a XRF testing and rental service has enabled me to provide a fuller service to clients throughout the UK and speeds up their validation needs.”

Gary has also told us that he finds the Niton instrument is easier to use than other instruments. He also likes its greater flexibility and security in terms of where he can use it, the wide range of materials it can test and how well it safeguards the readings. Gary appreciated the lack of pressure selling and very good personalised after sales training and ongoing support.

XRF Limited plans to continue using Nitons, and has already widened the range of material testing services they offer to include ancient artefacts and works of art.

Find more information on XRF Ltd and the services it offers at www.xrflimited.com

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