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Did you spot our Niton XL3?

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Did you spot our Niton XL3 XRF Analyser on BBC’s The One Show?

The XL3’s cutting edge technology was used by Alice Tate-Harte from English Heritage to identify which elements were present in a 500 year old painting, to confirm if it was indeed by Titian himself. The painting was given to The Duke of Wellington and is now a part of the Wellington Collection that currently resides in Apsley House, London.

For hundreds of years, people have been arguing about this priceless piece of art – is it by Titian – one of the masters of Renaissance paintings – or is it a copy?

The Niton XL3 handheld x-ray fluorescence analyser combines purpose-built, proprietary electronics with an ergonomic design and easy-to-use software, transforming XRF analysis. It does this through reduced measurement times, increased precision, and lower detection limits than could not previously be achieved with portable x-ray fluorescence instruments.

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